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  Saturday 19. 02. 2011 - 23:02 Uhr - LANPARTY MAI
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  Sunday 30. 01. 2011 - 10:13 Uhr - SC2ML Quarterfinals

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Hey dudes,

tonight is the night to prove ourselves again. We are playing the Quarterfinals Playoff against a really old clan. It is neopHyte. Their old clan-tag, which they used in BWCL Division 1, was Demon Knights, some of you may know them, as they are (together with eSuba) the best clan, which the Czech Republic has to offer. We will try our best to reach the semis.

Clanwar begins today at 20 CET.

torridOrbs [ 1 - 3 ] neopHyte

tO_Scour [ 0 - 2 ] nEph.Harpner
tO_NaDannMaGoGo [ 2 - 0 ] nEph.Horroren
tO_KodiaK [ 1 - 2 ] nEph.Thebis
tO_Gamtja [ 1 - 1 ] nEph.KrOOdeR
SACA & TheHungryman [ 1 - 2 ] Aeon & Hadzis

GoGo TorridOrbs! We can do this!
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  Wednesday 26. 01. 2011 - 12:16 Uhr - Stammkneipe Second Place Finish

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Yesterday we had our last clanwar in the second season of the Stammkneipe King of the Hill Clanleague. This league has an interesting clanwar mode. Each side has 4 people to start with and one starter. Then the players fight each other in Best-of-1 games, where the winner stays and the loser is out and cannot further participate in the clanwar. This creates the possibility of so called "all-kills", which are thrilling in the clan war.

After a rather dissapointing start against prediction gaming (0-4), our season started to work out well with our reliable members, which could score many many points in this league.

Let's take a look on the final standings after the last remaining playdate:

Even if our start in the first playdate could not be worse (though we played against the first place finisher on the first playdate), we could trust in our strength to come back, with an astonishing clanwar result against Clan ohne Bestimmung. tO_Dared brought us the first all-kill and resetting our total score to 0 (4-4 after map rounds).

On the third playdate, we met an old rival: logiX. Our Broodwar Squad played them at least one time, where we lost 2-3. This was reason enough to revenge ourselves in Starcraft 2. With an in a real good-shape tO_GrekMaR, we could score 3 from the 4 needed points to win. The remaining player logiX.sontyp had literally no chance against our Terran-vs-Terran monster tO_Dared.

In the following week, we had a freewin against ArseniX, but right afterwards we fought against The Innocent sQuad a.k.a. niVe gaming. This time our living King, from the clan intern King of the Hill event, tO_NaDannMaGoGo was on the starting position. He simply demolished 3 from the 4 opponents. Thus the opponent was too scared to send their last remaining warrior. What lead in an indirect all-kill number 2.

Being on a 3 win streak, we were going up against deine LieblingsGamer, which stated on their homepage being rather confident against us. I do not know, if they will be as confident next season, because our all-killer from the last season did it again. Two times in a row tO_NaDannMaGoGo could save us another all-kill. deine LieblingsGamer were quite amusing though. Hope they will take everything less seriously next season and unignore me. Auslachen

Sadly we had to play the last war without tO_NaDannMaGoGo, but with our two other good Zerg player tO_KodiaK and tO_Scour, we could secure a nice 4-1 win against mystical Lambda. This was the nicest war in the Stammkneipe. Hope the 2 new ascending teams will be like them.

Here is a little breakdown, how our individuals finished:
1) tO_NaDannMaGoGo [ 8 - 1 ]
2) tO_Dared [ 5 - 0 ]
3) tO_GrekMaR [ 3 - 2 ]
4) tO_KodiaK and tO_Scour [ 2 - 1 ]
5) tO_Gamtja [ 0 - 1 ]

Good Job to all players and to everyone, who was on startposition 2-4, but could not play, like tO_MeSSu, tO_sorrowquin, tO_MagmuHittsu and all the rest.

But we should not rest on our good results, but train for the Quarterfinals of SC2ML coming up this saturday, where we are up against neopHyte.

You guys rock! Keep up the good work Smilie
torridOrbs HWAITING!
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